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Public Relations Officer Meets Plumber In Anniston AL

Pulbic Relations Officer meets plumber in Anniston aL

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Media is a powerful tool for honing people’s perception about a certain person or company. In this time and age, one of the best tools to either make or break the image of a person is through revealing captured pictures.

This is why photography is now a relatively powerful tool. If you have lenses aimed at you while you do something good, your goodness will immediately be relayed to millions of people through the captured moment and through social media platforms. However, the same goes for when you do something that people would find evil or distasteful. When you are caught on camera doing something despicable, chances are, millions would also be able to find out about it.

This fact is mot especially daunting for those who are under the spotlight – celebrities, politicians, famous athletes, etc. Their every move is put under lenses, almost like they are under a microscope that wants to see ever little detail of their every day lives.

This is also probably the reason why the modern era has made it even more difficult for Public Relations Officers to handle messy situation. There is no undoing of a situation once pictures and videos of a certain famous person goes viral over the Internet. That is why, if you think that anyone could just qualify as a Public Relations Officer, you are very much mistaken.

This is the reason why a friend of mine, who is a PRO for a firm in Anniston, decided to take up photography, too. He believes that in order to find ways to maneuver through a PR mess, you have to be able to understand the mechanics of photography, or the art of taking real and organic pictures of the everyday lives of people.

He also took a class on photography in order to be quicker in determining fake photographs from real ones, and to be able to understand how to explain a situation in a picture via the angle, the area captured, and all other important aspects related to photography that only real photographers would be able to understand.

When I asked him where he got the idea of submerging himself to photography in order to get a PR advantage on things, he said he got it from a plumber in Anniston AL that he called to his home one day, when his sink was leaking and causing a major water breakdown in his kitchen.

While the plumber was fixing the pipeline, they got into a little chitchat and my friend was able to relay how stressful his work has been because of how pictures are becoming so convenient for people to destroy each other’s reputation.  The plumber then said that the best way to understand something is to be able to do it. Anybody can try to do plumbing, but they will never be a real plumber without actually knowing everything about it. They can search on the Internet all they want but at the end of the day, when it becomes too much to handle, they will eventually call for a plumber. The same principle might as well apply about my friend’s problem, he says.

My friend understood the plumber’s point because he has been looking for ways to make it easier for him to handle PR problems brought by various photos about his clients and he has not come up with a solution yet because he does not have a fuller understanding about why people are so affected about pictures and how they are able to affect the impressions of people about other people.

Indeed, this era has made it easier on some aspects of living, but it also has made it more difficult in some, making it a never ending duty of each and every person to always try to learn new things in order to keep up with the fast changing world.

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Producing Copyright-worthy Materials

When you decide to connect the world of photography and media, you have to deal with copyrights, especially if media decides to use your photographs, or any other material, for a story they wish to print, publish, or air on TV.

Before one can dwell on copyright successes and problems, one firstly faces the problems and issues on creating and capturing a good and copyright worthy material. In our terms, we will be talking about photographs of events and people that portray significant issues. However, copyright also scopes a novel, an essay, an article or a script; it needs to be written down perfectly. How else can you ensure that what you trying to publish and sell are copyright worthy? We do not want to waste our efforts in fighting for our right to a copyright when what we have produced in the first place is not at all that worthy of anybody’s time.

What are the ways to produce a high quality material?

A good material is one that has been given ample research. Even when you are trying to depict in your photograph a fictional story (like when its a staged or studio shoot) it is still very wise if you have given time to research first about your setting, your background story, and all relevant things that can be related to the picture you wish to capture. This will help you produce a story that may be fictional, but very much truthful in scope and history. Putting in a bit of research to your work will enable you to produce works that will look possible if it actually happened in real life. Research will also give you an idea as to what stories it is that you need to dwell on and what stories will be more attractive to your target media and audience. In almost any form of intellectual endeavor, proper research will always take you miles away into arriving at that perfect and copyright worthy output.

A good material very much depends on the person calling the shots. Hence, a photographer must be in sound condition, mentally, emotionally and physically. It also helps if you have a connection to the issue or scene you want to capture, if you are affected, or if you truly feel genuine emotion towards the event or incident, may it be a happy moment, a tragic moment, or a scandalous moment. You cannot expect to capture a good photo when your mind is clouded with lots of different things. Your work will seem incoherent and lacking of smoothness. It will also be very confusing. It is a good thing if you intend to confuse them, but it is a very wrong product if you are explaining an idea through your work but you only left people wondering what your photograph is all about. No one would want that kind of photo used for any media related article or release, so that would mean a bad name for you.

Photography, especially about real events and about things that will be released to the public, needs a lot of thought process, and you have to be able to understand all things involved before you can actually put it in practice.

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Modern Media and Entertainment

Entertainment – one of the most marketable industries nowadays. From gaming entertainment to movie entertainment to musical and theatrical entertainment, advances of all aspect have shared significant contribution to bring the entertainment industry to where it is now. New technology has made it possible for entertainment to be portable, instant and global. People get updated on what is new and hot regarding the entertainment realm through the World Wide Web, paired with gadgets big and small, from smart phones to laptops and computers.

The fun part does not stop there. Despite the many things that one can do today, everything can happen without breaking even a single sweat. And that is what the people of today want; less dirt and sweat as much as possible, to get things done. A push of a button, a touch on a screen, a voice command, everything can happen without stretching so much as a single muscle. While there are types of entertainment that still encourage physical activities such as games like Wii and activities like online yoga, majority of the entertainment system tells you to “sit back, relax and enjoy”. And when this is done too often, things could go wrong for your body.

Good thing is that other areas of concern, such as health and beauty, begin to cultivate and adapt to these changes as well. They had to adjust to the growing needs of people who cannot find the time or effort to put their bodies to their purpose, which is to be used not just for mental activities but for physical activities, more importantly.

All these fast paced things, the modernization and globalization of everything that are both tangible and abstract, are hurriedly captured in photographs. From large scale events to the little, memorable events in a family, photography has also become a major building block of society.

Because of smartphones, everyone can be a photographer in their own accord. However, photographs that make great impact on society, are still taken by experts that see beyond the reality that is presented. Photographers see the real story behind the pretty body, capturing the everyday diet, hours spent on gyms and the drop of sweat that determines if a person has already reached the body that the entertainment industry, as well as society, has depicted to be the definition of a “beautiful” body.

Photographs play a very significant role in society in this era, because they stick to the minds of the people, and they capture both the superficial and the hidden, making it a powerful driving force in the entertainment and media industry.

We thank technology for bringing the world closer. Moreover, we must also thank it for constantly reminding us that life is beautiful. And when life is beautiful, you would want to live longer. When the inevitable call of death comes, we also want to leave behind legacies and memories, which can be greatly preserved through captured moments in photographs.

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